Sitting down with FullArmor to get the inside scoop on their App-V integration with PolicyPortal....

Well, it certainly has been an exciting start to the TechEd EMEA show this year. The sessions are well underway and the buzz surrounding the show is really hot. One of the hottest topics was actually announced last week at the PDC show in Los Angeles. Microsoft Windows Azure. Sean was fortunate enough to catch Danny Kim, CTO of FullArmor and ask him about PolicyPortal. In case you missed my first blog from this show, PolicyPortal is one of the applications being used on Windows Azure.

SeanDô: - So Danny, can you give me a brief description of PolicyPortal?

Danny: - With PolicyPortal, organizations can manage their remote end-points by extending their directory-based policies and applications over the Internet. A small piece of software resides on the client PC to communicate with the PolicyPortal application. Then, from a central location, administrators can manage PCs, set up user policies using Group Policy, distribute virtual applications and updates via App-V, monitor the health of specific PCs, manage PC inventories, and enforce security policies.

SeanDô: – Wow Danny. That sounds very cool. If I’m a customer looking at this, what would you say is the core business value in using PolicyPortal?

Danny: As a Windows .NET Services based product hosted in the cloud, PolicyPortal provides end-point management services at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT deployment models. By removing the need to buy additional server hardware to host services such as application virtualization and Group Policy, organizations can pay on a subscription basis for delivering App-V based solutions and security policies for their unmanaged PCs.

SeanDô: OK. So you sold me on it. When can I and your customers get it?

Danny: PolicyPortal released for limited customers at Microsoft’s PDC conference and general availability is expected 2Q 2009. Please email for more information or go to our web site at for evaluation and beta program signup.

Thanks for the great chat Danny and I know that I will certainly be keeping my eye on what FullArmor is developing on PolicyPortal and App-V.

Sean Donahue is a Sr. Program Manager in System Center Alliances. If you are an ISV who has an integration point with App-V or MDOP please contact Sean.