Brilliant at the basics, by Steve Clayton


I’m really enjoying Nicholas Bate’s recent set of posts on Brilliant At The Basics. It looks like we have 100 of these to look forward to but already there are some gems in the first 4. Okay I’ll admit the one above caught my eye because it has Google and Bing as verbs. Pleasantly ironic given the subject is brand.

I love the two below as well. The first encouraging people to speak in plain English and in both the IT industry at large, and here at Microsoft we need to take this to heart. Seriously, some of the stuff we collectively churn out and then expect no IT folks to understand is outrageous. A few recent examples have even been hard for IT folks to understand…

One of the things I enjoy and aim to try to do is simplify the complexities of IT. I’m by no means brilliant but if you find me straying in to corporate or IT bull*** here, please let me know. 

This final one (#2 in the series) really is the basics but so many companies get it wrong. I was going to give some of my own examples here but you know who they are.

Thanks Nicholas, keep up the great work over the next 96!