Hot Topics in Security: Security Games, New Technology are Risking & More Windows 8

Playing Games with Security  (+0.5)

How can we make security more engaging and fun? Make a game of it!

The brilliant blog at Security Affairs has announced that that will play a quick catch-up quiz to analyse the main issues that have characterised the past seven days.

Sounds fun? Get on and play away.

It appeared there was much talk centralising around this game, and it definitely puzzled this blog and its contributors.

It is a nice attempt to engage issues on security, even the least experienced reader can play and try to win. See the inner-competitiveness come out!

Security is everyone’s responsibility and this is a positive way to show it.

This blog likes!  


New technologies raise serious doubts on privacy & security (-1)


Everywhere we go or try to move, more serious doubts arise on privacy and security. We just can't get away. This time new technology is looked at to scare us away.

This latest patent, according to some experts, could be a clear violation on privacy because it uses technology to gather information on user’s consumption of video content.

The major concerns are related to the uses of cameras of video devices such as PCs, mobile devices and TVs to identify and verify its rights for vision and to determine habits with the purpose to pack it for the best offer in terms of content.

Remember to be careful and keep your eye out!



10 essential ingredients of a killer Windows 8 business PC (+0.5)

Windows 8 is here!

Like you didn’t know? In form and functionality, the new flagship operating system is the most dramatic makeover of Windows since its inception.

It was developed hard and produced from the ground up with a touch-enabled interface.

However, under the hood it’s still the same old windows, but the Modern UI and the Windows Store shift the focus to mobile.

PC World has produced a good report to help small business to whether they should upgrade or not.

This blog suggests you do! *Smileyface*