Office 365 Demo with Tablet and Mobile




Thursday 6th June, 2013: Microsoft has launched bespoke tablet and mobile demos to showcase the new features of Office 365, as part of its wider ‘Work from Anywhere’ campaign.

The demos, designed and built in partnership with UM London and Mobile5, offer a complex and immersive experience to demonstrate the ‘Work from Anywhere’ functionalities of Office 365, and are available across Android, Windows Phone, Surface and iOS.

Amongst a range of other features, the tablet demo integrates Bing Maps to determine a user’s location as well as offering a sharing functionality, showing how rich an experience can be brought to life on the platform via the Microsoft cloud software.

On mobile, the demo will offer users a ‘parallax’ experience whereby people can scroll down and learn about the new features of Office 365, and for the first time in any advertising campaign uses ‘hotspot’ overlays to bring our specific elements of

The demos will stand alone on tablet and mobile, but will also be housed in interactive banners across relevant IT websites.

As per Microsoft’s wider ‘Work from Anywhere’ campaign, which kicked off earlier this year, the demos are predominantly aimed at IT Decision Makers, the core target audience. The campaign, planned by UM London, has used some unique and innovative media executions, such as WiFi park benches, to show that Office 365 literally allows people to do their work wherever they are.

Britta Anderson, Head of Mobile at UM, said, “The depth and complexity of experience that we have generated through our Office 365 demos certainly goes further than any other work we have developed on tablet or mobile before, so we’re really excited about how people respond to it. What better way to prove the core USP of the product than to actually get people experiencing it for themselves.”

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