Updated List of Recommended Hotfixes for Windows 7 SP1 Computers Running MED-V V2.

In July 2011, we published a blog on recommended hotfixes for Windows 7 computers running MED-V v2 (Additional Recommended Updates for MED-V 2.0 that Address Application Issues) referenced here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/medv/archive/2011/07/20/additional-recommended-updates-for-med-v-2-0-that-address-application-issues.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0

Here is an updated list of post-Windows 7 Service Pack 1 hotfixes we recommend you install for use with MED-V that address RDP/RemoteApp/RAIL-related issues. In addition to the post-SP1 hotfixes mentioned previous (also mentioned below)

 . . . it is also recommended that you install these hotfixes:

 If you start experiencing cosmetic issues with published applications in MED-V, make sure you have these patches installed. These hotfixes can be downloaded from their respective KB article pages.