Beta Testers: Please Reset Your To-Do Bar

A similar message has already been posted to the newsgroups, and appears in the readme for Beta1 Technical Refresh (which is out now!), but I thought I would post it again here.


To have the best beta experience with the Outlook Beta 1 Technical Refresh, please reset your To-Do Bar task list view. Please do the following:

1. Click on the "Arrange by:" header in the To-Do Bar.
2. Select "Custom..."
3. In the dialog, click on "Reset Current View" in the lower left corner.

You will now have the "new look" of the task list, including the "new item" row, and the flagging column (if it was missing.)

Why do beta testers have to do this?

Outlook "preserves" views between upgrades, which is good in the majority of cases - except when Outlook changes the default view between interim versions as has happened to the To-Do Bar. This issue won't affect non-TAP/Beta customers who have never used a build before Beta1TR. In other words, this issue won't effect you if you upgrade from Outlook 2003 to the released version of Outlook 2007 when it comes out. Of course, beta testers don't have to update their To-Do Bars, but that could lead to erroneous bug reports and misperceptions of functionality, when in fact the view just needs to be updated. If the To-Do Bar task list view is not reset, the To-Do Bar may be missing the Task Input Panel (aka "new item" row), the flag column, and the default view - without which could lead to a very sad beta testing experience.

Thanks for resetting your view!