Make your To-Do Bar only show tasks

For some of you, flags may have had a whole different meaning, and the fact that the To-Do Bar is cluttered with your flagged mail and flagged contacts may not be working for you. Here is a solution: filter the To-Do Bar to just show tasks!

To filter the To-Do Bar to just show tasks, click on Arranged By: in the To-Do Bar and then select "Custom…" In the dialog that appears, select "Filter…" In the next dialog, click on the "advanced" tab. Click on the "Fields" button in the middle of the dialog and choose All Mail Fields->Message Class. Create the criteria "Message Class" "Contains" "Task" and add it to the list. Click Ok, then Ok again to exit the dialog.

Viola! Now there are only tasks in your To-Do Bar.

You can do the same thing if you only want to see e-mail in the To-Do Bar by swapping the value of Task with "IPM.Note."