Send and Track

How often have you sent an e-mail to someone and thought to yourself “I better follow up with them in a few days to make sure that they do X” or thought “I just made a promise to do some work, I better remind myself to do it.” Well now you can do just that! No more cc’ing yourself so that you can flag it in your Inbox! No more dragging the mail out of Sent-Items just so that you can set a reminder! In Outlook12, you can flag and/or set a reminder on a mail message for yourself when sending, thus making the mail appear in the To-Do Bar, etc. after the message has been sent. In addition, if you want to send a flag to the recipient of your mail, you can, but that is a separate option – setting a flag on a mail is now primarily for the sender.

Flagging an e-mail on send

When you receive a response to an e-mail that you have flagged for yourself, be it one that you flagged when you sent it or one that you received and then flagged, you will see an infobar in the received mail.

Received response to a flagged message

From the infobar, you can open the original message, thereby giving you an opportunity to mark the original complete (or check that the response that you received was the one that you were looking for), or you can find all related messages which gives you the full thread of e-mails.

Watch out: your boss will love this feature and use it all the time (mine does)!

Side note: reminders now fire from all folders – not just the Inbox. So you can flag e-mail and set a reminder, then file it, and the reminder will still fire.