Lync 2013 SE Install - Service Control Manager error

So, ran into a little issue in my lab that I thought I'd share...since the solution wasn't readily apparent (at least at first).

So, I was trying to install a Lync 2013 Standard Edition server as the first server in an org.  The server name was Lync15SE (  While going through the Lync Topology Builder, I got to the question about what the Pool name would be.  Not giving it a ton of thought, I entered "".  I then finished configuring everything in Topology Builder that I needed and went to Publish Topology.  The publish failed with it complaining:

Error: Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer "". This operation might require other privileges.

At the time, I was doing the install as the Enterprise has all the rights in the world, what permissions could be missing?  Or is something blocking an Enterprise Admin from doing this in Lync 2013 (I didn't remember a problem using that account with Lync 2010).

I tried uninstalling SQL Express, making sure was in DNS, re-running the setup of the Configuration Manager, tried setting up and using a service account instead of the Enterprise Administrator account...all to no avail.  I searched Technet as well as our internal Microsoft Knowledge Bases...everything I found said it was a permissions issue.

Finally, it dawned on me...Standard Edition pool names MUST be the server name.  Only with Enterprise Edition can you create a separate pool name.

I went back into Topology Builder and changed the pool name to (the SE server's hostname) instead...and VOILA, I was able to publish.

I think (I haven't gone back and verified) that Lync 2010 Topology Builder checked (or prevented you) from using a different name for a Standard Edition server.  Lync 2013 RTM definitely does not.