ClipClub Integrates Messenger Library

MSN Germany has built an application called ClipClub that does a great job of integrating social functionality into an experience for browsing videos. The site uses both Silverlight and the Messenger Library to achieve a polished experience.

You can not only view videos, but mark videos as favorites and view your buddies’ favorite videos. There is also an integrated chat gadget that allows you to not only chat, but also easily send links to videos to your buddies.

The site is in German, so for those of you who may have trouble navigating around, here's a glossary:

Anmelden/Abmelden – login/logout

Main Menu on left and right

  • MSN Video Freunde - shows all the friends for whom the currently playing video is in their favorites
  • Meist Gesehen - most viewed
  • Gesehen von freunden - seen by your friends
  • best bewertung - best rated
  • Aktuell - most recent
  • Vollbild - full screen mode
  • Zuruck – Back

These show up in the chat experience

  • Abschicken - Send
  • Loschen - Clear

These show up in the Genre sub-menu

  • Unterhaltung - Entertainment
  • Nachrichten - News

Tip: When you sign in the first time, you will be asked to choose whether you should be automatically signed in or not on subsequent visits – that’s what the “Automatisch anmelden” and “Maneull anmelden” options mean. Pick whatever you are more comfortable with.