MSN Taiwan Builds Web Messenger with Messenger Library

Today, we’re showcasing a new stand-alone web-based IM client that MSN Taiwan has built using the Messenger Library. The client is tailored to Taiwanese users and gives instant access to contacts as well as other parts of Windows Live like Hotmail and Spaces.

The client is in Chinese, but if you’d like to check it out, visit here and click the large blue button to launch the Messenger window. See below for a screenshot showing where to click.

From there, click “sign in” via the sign-in control and you’re done. Your contacts will appear in the contact list and you can chat with them inline. A sample screenshot is shown here:

As always, if you’re building something neat or interesting, let us know. If you’ve got feedback, we’d like to hear that too.

Steve Gordon
Lead Software Developer
Windows Live Contacts & Messenger Platform