Welcome to the Windows Live Messenger Developer Blog!

Welcome to the new Messenger Developer blog. In this blog, we intend to feature blog topics written by members of the product team behind the various Messenger APIs. Our focus will be on keeping you informed about our latest developments, coding tips, links to new content on MSDN and community sites, and other information to enable you to build the richest possible Messenger experiences for your users.


In short, our team is focused on delivering APIs that enable all developers to build rich presence, IM and contacts experiences anywhere on the web that will delight users. We'll do our best to ensure that our APIs are simple to consume and provide you with the right functionality to build whatever you might dream up. To date, we've released an IM Control and Presence API that enables your users to embed their presence and a conversation window into your site. Today, we're proud to announce the Windows Live Messenger Library, a browser-based JavaScript library, which lets you integrate Messenger IM and presence into your web site. Dave Treadwell talked a bit about the library in his Windows Live Platform Services announcement earlier this morning. With this API, we're enabling you to build exciting IM experiences powered by Windows Live Messenger directly within your web site.


To learn more about the Messenger Library, check out:


· Messenger Library Documentation

· Web APIs Development Forum

· Dave Treadwell's Windows Live Platform Services Update


In the coming days and weeks, we'll provide you more information about our APIs, answer questions that you may have on what we've built, and keep you informed about what others are building with our work. We look forward to hearing from you!



Steve Gordon

Lead Software Developer, Messenger & Contacts Web Platform