Content Requests

Hi All

Its been a while since I did anything with my Blog and the honest answer is “I just didn’t have time”, but I am going to make a major effort to resolve that and want to get some idea on what type of content you guys would like to see, I am open to pretty much anything.

I am toying with the idea of doing some short (10 minute) how to videos to post on the blog, but again, could really do with your thought on what you want to see.

This blog is being put together for you all so I want you thoughts.

Please share this blog with other in your team/organisation/life I want to drive content and to do that I need the audience.

Another area that I would like your help on it WebCasts, working in Premier Field Engineering at Microsoft means I work with the customers who have a Premier contract and I am starting to work on putting together some Webcasts for Microsoft Premier customers, so if you can think of topics you would like to see delivered via webcasts I would really love to here from you.

Please feel free to leave comments to this post or email me directly