Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta Now Available

VS 2005 SP1 Beta is now available for our device customers. This is a significant release for Visual Studio for Devices team and is more of a full-fledged release rather than a service pack. Below are the highlights for device development customers.

  • Support for newer devices and platforms.
    • Application development experience targeting WinCE 6.0 devices.
    • Application development experience targeting Windows Mobile 5.x devices. Complete experience in RTM release.
  • Native Development
    • Whole lot of functionality to native MFC libraries. Removed many blockers that were inhibiting smooth migration experience from eVC++ to VS2005.
    • Improved and updated Native device development documentation.
  • Others -
    • Data application development targeting SQL Server Everywhere. Full functionality will be available in the RTM version of service pack.

    • Support NET V2 SP1 release

    • New Win CE compilers release

    • New and improved remote tools.

    • Faster device emulator.

To download the service pack please register on the Microsoft Connect website and provide us with your feedback and help us make this product better.

Manav Gaur | Program Manager - Visual Studio for Devices