Annual Compiler Lab March 13-16

In just a little over one month (March 13-16) Microsoft will be hosting our annual Compiler Lab.  This year we'll be featuring some new and exciting technologies such as:

  • LinQ (data-as-first-class-citizen integration)
  • Dynamic Languages and Scripting on the CLR
  • An overview of IronPython
  • An overview of our Visual Studio Integration Program (the mechanism for integrating your compiler inside Visual Studio).


The lab will be hosted in our Platform Adoption Center (also known as Building 20).


If you are developing language technology for the CLR and are interested in attending, please use the email link at the top of this page and drop me a line.


You have to cover your own travel and hotel expenses but there is otherwise no cost to attend.  We even provide a BBQ dinner on Tuesday evening!


The approximate content of the lab (still subject to change) is:


Executive welcome

LinQ keynote and deep dive

Community talks

Scripting keynote

Iron Python

Lab time

BBQ Dinner

VSIP keynote

Next steps

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