Bite-Sized Software Catching On...

I ran across this quote this morning and I think it relates directly to one of the underlying assumptions about Software Factories

Software Factories are intended to "provide a faster, less expensive and more reliable approach to application development by significantly increasing the level of automation" and, in my opinion, are intended to deliver them good, fast AND cheap. 

The proof, of course, is forthcoming but it is nice to see the premise of increasing demand validated from an outside source.

From cNet (from Reuters):

With rapidly changing markets, rising competition from emerging economies and ever more demanding customers, companies need to respond swiftly with changes to their organization and approach to customers.  

Companies ... must break their software packages into smaller units as their corporate clients want to cherry-pick them to update systems more frequently, consultancy Gartner said Monday .

The ecosystems "will consist of large and small vendors who need each other to thrive. Increasingly a company is destined to become part of an ecosystem in order to survive, unless it is an 'ecosystem vendor'", [said Yvonne Genovese, a researcher at Gartner].