Feature Builder Guidance Extensions on CodePlex and Visual Studio Gallery

The RTM-Preview Release of the Feature Builder includes a new mechanism for extending the Feature Extension authoring experience.  Feature Builder Guidance Extensions are small Feature Extensions which enhance the "Map" and the "Tools" inside the Feature Builder and, when installed and enabled, show up inside the Feature Builder’s guidance outline.

FBGX #1 provide information about how to rename a Feature Extension once you've created your Feature Builder solution.

FBGX #2 provides information and tools about how to create "standalone" feature extensions which can run even when no solution is open within Visual Studio.  This make it particularly easy to provide developers access to tools, content and focused web experiences in any context.

The source code for the first two FBGX is now up on CodePlex (http://fbgx.codeplex.com) and binaries are available to download via the Visual Studio Gallery (http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/2a6dc7a0-559d-4c4a-9b2b-2615147d40d7)