Ok, Blog posting month was not quite a bust but time to start again

In November, I decided to write to write a blog-post-a-day and got through 8 before I fell “off-the-wagon” because time for blogging fell down the priority list due to customer needs.

Shortly, things I’ve been working on should finally become public and thus I’m going to start, once again, to climb back on the “horse”.

First up, I work with Visual Studio Extensibility on a day-to-day basis and have been working with the Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2010 for a month now. 

One of the things I discovered is that, between Beta2 and the RC versions of VS2010, the implementation of Microsoft.VisualStudio.TemplateWizard.IWizard as changed:

In earlier releases, when you created a new solution using File –> New –> Project, when the RunStarted() method was called, any existing solution was closed and the new Solution object was, at least, partially initialized.

In VS2010 RC, the existing solution (if any) has not yet been closed when RunStarted() is called.  This means that you can’t start creating items in new solution until after RunStarted has run (i.e. in the RunFinished method).

Enough for today, another observation from “the road to RTM” tomorrow.

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