Podcasting From SoftwareLand. . . In Space!!!

The folks at Feedburner have updated their SmartCast feature and it is now possible, drop dead simple in fact, to PODCAST from MSN SPACES!!! 

All you have to do is include a link to an MP3 file (or WMA or AAC or...) and it will convert the first such link into an <enclosure> tag which makes it consumable by pod "catchers" such as Doppler, iPodder, etc. 

So, check out the SoftwareLand.... In Space! space (er... blog) and the RSS FEED for Podcasting From SoftwareLand.... In Space!

(p.s. Interesting note: When I updated the previous blog entry it did not update the date on my entry so that entry did not show up on the blogs.msdn.com homepage...ya learn something new every day!)

I hope someday that enclosure support will be available in Spaces natively... but until then...users and developers continue to party on!