Project Glidepath Windows Vista Bridge Package is now available!

Today we're releasing a new Project code-named "Glidepath" package that enables you to take advantage of the new Task and Common file dialogs unique to Windows Vista. There is a 5-minute screencast you can watch to see a demo of the Vista Bridge package in-action.

If you already have Project Glidepath installed, you can get the Windows Vista Bridge package simply by updating your local repository by right clicking on the _ProjectGlidepath project, selecting Update and then click on Synchronize Repository via RSS button.

If you don't have Project Glidepath installed just go to, download the installer and follow the directions which will include synchronizing your local repository from the master which will get you all the Project Glidepath guidance and code including the Windows Vista Bridge package.

Windows Vista contains numerous enhancements that give developers opportunities to deliver an easier-to-use and more optimized User Experience. Some of the new features, however, have only a complex unmanaged interface.

Inside the Windows SDK there is a library called the Windows Vista Bridge that exposes some of these new features for .NET developers but it's not easy to find and, like the unmanaged code, contains a complex API.

The Project Glidepath Windows Vista Bridge package delivers information on the Vista Bridge library and an automated system that actually writes the code to make the calls into the library to deliver 3 kinds of Task Dialogs and the new Vista-only Common File Open and Common File SaveAs dialogs.

The Vista Bridge package works with both Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation and is offered in versions which work with either C# or VB.NET.