Shareware Industry Conference - Final Update

So... (as almost every sentence at Microsoft starts) I'm done with the conference and back in Seattle!

It was an amazing three days and I want to thank not only the organizers of the conference (Sharon, Gary, Paris, Doc, Becky, Harold, and Dan), but all the attendees as well who welcomed us with open arms and open minds. I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback we got and want to thank everyone!!

The presentation part of the conference ended on Saturday afternoon with a session given by Dan Fernandez the C# Product Manager, on Visual Studio 2005 which ran double its planned length!

The whole conference ended on Saturday night with the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation Awards Dinner where Microsoft won two awards ("People's Choice for Best Business Application or Utility": Office 2003, and "Best Sound Program or Utility": Windows Media Player).

And finally, I got quoted in the business section of this morning's Denver Post in Kimberly Johnson's article entitled Shareware "geeks" learn marketing!

I'm looking forward to next years event and moving on to start planning for the European shareware conference to be held in Brussels, Belgium the November 5th and 6th.