Software-plus-Services Blueprints for VS2008 now Live!

Today my team is releasing our next wave of Software-plus-Services Blueprints!!

Software-plus-Services Blueprints are open-source tools, workflow-based guidance and content which help you build Software-plus-Services applications using Visual Studio 2008.

Releasing today are the Software-plus-Services Blueprints Manager for VS2008, the Outlook+Services Blueprint for Office 2007/VS2008 and the RTW edition of the build-a-video-sharing-site-using-Silverlight-blueprint called Video.Show.

I am going to be giving a demo of the Outlook+Services Blueprint for VS2008 in Richard McAniff's keynote at the 2008 Office Developers Conference in about an hour.

If you are at Office DevCon, I'll also be in room A4 this afternoon @ 4:45PM giving a breakout session about Software-plus-Services Blueprints.