Free Silverlight v1.0 Training on

As a few folks have noticed, the Silverlight Essential Training I recorded for is available free on Lynda's site.  4.5 hours of video training on Silverlight v1.0, 100% free.  You can watch all the videos and download the exercise files free of charge.  This training will also be made available in Silverlight video format on at some point in the future as well. 

I recorded this training on site at Lynda's facilities in Ventura, California in September of 2007 and I spent about 2 months preparing the material before that.  A huge amount of credit goes to Chris Mattia from Lynda for helping to make the training.  Chris was my training development manager (TDM).  He worked with me on the training outline and also sat outside the recording booth, listening to every word I said and making sure that I stayed on course and comments were relevant. 

I took some snapshots of the building while I was there and I finally put them up on Flickr:

This is the lobby of the building. They have a the Lynda logo etched into a relight.

The LCD TV behind the receptionist desk welcomed me when I arrived in Ventura.

The bathroom in the lobby has a very cool sink.

Here's the booth where the training was recorded in. I spent way too much time in here.  

This is the inside of the booth. Notice the huge pile of used scripts in the corner.  

Here's a picture of Chris Mattia, my TDM. The machines are outside the booth to prevent noise in the recording. Everything on my monitor was mirrored on Chris'.  

I also created a bunch of sample apps for the training that we didn't have time to use in the recording.  I've got these very well commented and broken out into the steps to build them.  I'll be putting these up shortly.