Silverlight 3 Beta Sample - Slidentity - Presentation Creation App

I’ve been working on Silverlight 3 since July of last year, when we started planning the key features in the release. It’s really exciting to have the blog ban lifted and be able to talk about the new functionality of the platform as well as show off some of the samples that our team has built internally.


I’ll start with a project I’ve been working on for the last month or so. Slidentity is a Silverlight 3 based presentation app. This app lets users create slides and save them to their machine (thanks to the new SaveFileDialog). The app also lets you view the presentation in fullscreen mode and the transition between slides uses the new Perspective 3D feature to create a spinning cube effect. Slidentity also runs out of browser and can run when disconnected from the network (it stores its background image library in IsoStore). Finally, the app can load a slide show from a query string parameter. If you click the image below, it will run the app with a sample slide deck I created. Click this link to run the app with a new presentation.


Get the code for Slidentity.




To be honest, I’m not wild about the name, and I’ll probably change it. If you have better name suggestions, please leave a comment.


I’m using Slidentity to give my Silverlight 3 out of browser talk later today. I’ll post my “slides” and other demos after the talk this afternoon. Hopefully the MIX crew will get the session videos posted in under 24-hours like they did last year. When the video is up, I’ll link to that as well.


[Edit] In the rush to get all this stuff posted for MIX, I forgot to give credit to some of the code that helped me create this app. First I want to thank Mattias Shapiro for his color picker control which I'm using in the product. Also, Dave Crawford and Tim Huer helped out by pointing me to the final SL2 versions of Dave's glossy control style inside of Blacklight. .