John Mayer needs RSS/ATOM

My wife and I went to the John Mayer and Sheryl Crow concert Monday night at Red Rocks near Denver.  Red Rocks is one of the ultimate places to see concerts and John Mayer is one of our favorites.  I like him for his blues and guitar skills, my wife likes him for his, ahem, singing voice.  Oh, and Sheryl Crow was there too.

Anyway, I have found that John has a great sense of humor, and I really enjoy his music.  So, what better combo could you have for someone to write a blog?  Well, he does have a blog and it is pretty entertaining.  Like the Public Enemy (Don’t believe the Hype) album post he slapped up there when the press was going nuts about him and Jessica Simpson.

Why bring this up on my blog?  Well, why can’t a record company site, like understand content?  Their business is all about content, yet they can’t seem to understand blogging.  I don’t want to go to his web site to read his blog, I want it to come into my Outlook 2007 aggregator (or aggregator of choice).  Can someone post a memo to bloggers everywhere that they need to support either RSS or ATOM and make it fool proof to discover the feed on the page?