Dynamic Datacenter Boot Camp Module 1

Many of our US-based providers have been invited to attend one of the DDC Boot Camps that have been schduled around the United States. A few months ago we posted a short video discussing the benefits of attending one of these boot camps. To help boot camp attendees (and even those who are unable to attend) understand DDC fundementals we have recorded the content for the first module of the bootcamp. Module 1: Overview of the Dyanmic Data Center is attached below or can be directly accessed from http://bit.ly/DDCBootCampModule1

If you have any questions or commments please let us know.

If you have attended a boot camp or are interested in attending one, join the Microsoft Dynamic Data Center Partner Hosted Cloud Linkedin group.

 Note: The last slide contains review questions that only appear briefly. These questions will be fully covered before starting Module 2.


DDC Boot Camp Module 1- Overview of the Dynamic Data Center.wmv