AYE - Amenities

The conference hotel was one of those every-room-is-a-suite places. I found having an extra room helpful even though I wasn't in my room much. The hotel food was standard hotel food which I didn't bother eating. (A healthier menu with organic ingredients next year please!) Fortunately an organic grocery store was less than thirty minutes away by auto. (A different chain had a closer store, however it had only two small sections of organic produce, and everything else was way below my standards.) I probably would have skipped the hotel food even if it had been edible, given that I eat on a different schedule from most everyone else I've met.

The session rooms were a bit chilly, although this was easily counterbalanced by opening the doors to the ninety degree outside air. (Phoenix's low temperatures that week were higher than the high temperatures in Seattle!) I felt comfortable in the rooms, and I had little trouble ignoring what noise leaked through the inter-room partitions.

I enjoyed the all-day-every-day sun, the daytime heat, and the nighttime cool. Although I didn't do any sightseeing around Phoenix I did find some places (Taliesin West, Arcosanti) to see the next time I'm in town.