Campy Conclusion

These, then, are the five parallels I see between drawing and testing:

A portrait of a tongue-studded woman Work what you see, not what you know.
A portrait of a craggy-faced man Copying and deconstructing the work of people you admire can help you identify the works’ parts and understand how they fit together, at which point you can fit them together in your own unique way.
Gobs of cartoon noses A strong vocabulary is one base on which your expertise and effectiveness is built.
A rapidly-drawn sketch of a woman Vary the speed and the level of detail at which you work, and each will bring improvements in the other.
A charcoal sketch of a flamenco dancer Looking to other applications, markets, and roles will help you think outside your box.

And then there is the most important parallel: The utter necessity of having fun!

A happy guy

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