I Want A BVT Blocking Bug For The Holidays

[To John Rox's "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas", which has long been my favorite holiday song, and not only because it is accompanied by solo bassoon!]

I want a BVT blocking bug for the holidays*
A BVT blocking bug I'm asking for
Don't want no UI bug, no meas-l-y P4
I want a bug that crashes my app like it's never been crashed before

I want a BVT blocking bug for the holidays
One that brings my computer down in flames
I've already seen thirty, yet they are all much too tame
I am looking for one that will make me holler and exclaim

I can see me now in my dev's doorway proclaiming what I found
And the joy which fills my eyes will be met with tears and saddened cries
As he sees that his code has run aground

I want a BVT blocking bug for the holidays
If it only took a few steps that'd be grand
I'll trumpet it around, in the halls I will bound
It may take a while before I settle down
Do you think I'm too far out of hand

My dev and PM hope I'll stay away
For I've been showing up in their doors every single day

Why are there so many tri-vi-al bugs?
When I find a bad one I will give my dev a hug!

I can see me now chatting with my PM, grinning ear to ear
For this feature which she spec'd, it is completely wrecked
And I'm the one who found out where!

I want a BVT blocking bug for the holidays
Finding one will make my day complete
I am hunting high, and I am hunting low
I am hunting one which makes my PC glow
Please oh please yes please give me this treat!

* Feel free to replace "the holidays" with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Solstice, or whatever your favorite holiday may be!

*** If a BVT blocker was on your holiday wishlist too, I need a tester! Interested? Let's talk: Michael dot J dot Hunter at microsoft dot com. Great testing and coding skills required.