One Fish, Two Fish, Sensing Fish, Intuitive Fish

The more I learn about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the more I understand about how my brain works and why I do the things I do. The more I apply MBTI and NLP to other people, the more effective my interactions with those other people become. Of all the understanding-people systems I have investigated, MBTI and NLP have proven most helpful.

(MBTI and NLP say InTj and Auditory Digital, respectively, describes how I see my world.)

I grew up on Dr. Seuss. My parents have The Cat In The Hat Comes Back memorized. I tape recorded Hop On Pop for my brother when he was young, and my entire family recently recorded stacks of Dr. Seuss books for his new son. Dr. Seuss is in my blood.

Small wonder, then, that when I recently sat down to write a presentation on personality types and representational systems I ended up with a set of Dr. Seuss-inspired verses rather than a set of bulleted slides. So now I have a book, which I'll serialize over my next bunch of posts. Give it a read and let me know whether I still need to write a presentation!


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