The Bug That Makes Craig Laugh Every Time

When my first test manager left Microsoft he told the team this was his favorite bug and it is easy to see why (testers are often asked about their favorite bugs when they leave). On his first week on the job one of my friends hit a crash in the speech recognition engine. He had no idea what to do next and went over to ask his developer. His developer was busy and so asked him to create a bug and write down *exactly* what he did. Being new and nervous he entered the bug exactly as it happened, including the *exact* words he spoke to crash the recognizer. Being a colorful character the exact words he wrote in the bug included many curse words! The bug bounced between several external teams and later I heard they all had a good laugh. The bug is still in the database today and it was his first ever bug at Microsoft (the bug did get fixed). In retrospect, I'm sure he later realized he could've easily found some PG words that would've reproduced the crash. One takeaway: try to find the minimum steps to reproduce the bug!

-- Craig


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