At TechEd this Week

Hi from Orlando

I'm presenting at TechEd this week - I have two sessions, one is a "chalktalk" tomorrow (Monday 4th) from 10:30 - 11:45 entitled "Everything-Developer-Security."

I have no agenda!

I'll do what I did last year: open notepad, enter a few items that interest me and then take questions!

I'll be handing out and signing "Security Development Lifecycle" and "Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista" books too (so I'm told!)

Second, I have a talk with Jeff Jones, "Fundamental Security Changes in Microsoft Windows Vista " on Tuesday 5th from 1:00 - 2:15.

Jeff has a talk tomorrow too, "Microsoft Windows vs. Linux Vulnerabilities: Metrics and Techniques for Analysis " which is always an interesting discussion, so long as you want to keep an open mind :)

Anyway, I'll be here 'til Wednesday, so if you have any burning questions/comments please feel free to grab me.