Best practices for OneNote 2007 still riding high

On her team blog, Content Project Manager Nancy Crowell has just given a ringing endorsement of OneNote 2007: An Executive's Best Practices — the video demo I recently put together for the Office Online Web site. (To get the backstory about how this demo was created, see my previous entry, “OneNote has friends in high places” or the related Office Hours column, “How OneNote made friends in a corner office.”)

Nancy writes, “I had taken a few notes in OneNote in the past, but I did not fully grasp what was possible until I ran across this demo. I soon began to apply what I had learned — forwarding meeting appointments from my calendar to OneNote and then jotting my notes from the meeting right there. I started marking tasks from within OneNote so they would appear on my calendar as reminders for me. I highlighted important things I needed to remember, inserted links to documents and turned OneNote into my catch-all for all meetings. Then I started to tell people about OneNote.“

It's really great to see how spreading the word about OneNote and presenting some proven techniques for using it can help people in all kinds of situations. To read how Nancy became an unsuspecting OneNote evangelist as a result, check out the rest of her blog post!