Gartner Gets Web 2.0 In the Enterprise

 Gartner really seems to get how Web 2.0 techniques will be used by the enterprise and, surprise surprise, seems to be one of the only ones do does so. As I have blogged before most Web 2.0 watchers such as Dion Hinchcliffe, Andrew Mcafeee, Nicholas Carr et al think that web 2.0 techniques will be used inside the enterprise to provide Enterprise 2.0 or, as I prefer to think, Knowledge Management 2.0; that is yet another corporate productivity system.

I strongly believe however that Web 2.0 techniques will be most successful (and interesting) in providing new ways of working with customers and refreshingly enough Gartner agrees with me:


Web 2.0 catalyzes rapid user/consumer-driven change, which will accelerate market share growth for companies that exploit it," Mr. Smith said. "Web communities provide rich new interactions among employees, business partners and customers that can either support or threaten the enterprise, depending on how these interactions are managed




Web Business focuses on the Web's business processes and deals with a fundamental shift in how businesses deliver value. It is distinguished by empowering third parties and consumers to repurpose content and services in new and unique ways. It relies on an open and extensible business ecosystem, embracing greater reliance on and collaboration with externalities. In addition, it employs new legal structures for IP such as open software licensing, as well as new economic paradigms such as advertising, usage and subscription, as well as derivative revenue models like revenue sharing. Web business models will enable nimble new competitors to succeed and challenge established enterprises to adapt to survive.


YES! This is what I am seeing too…. The really interesting thing that the web has done for business has been to lower the barrier to product entry such as has been comprehensively described by the Long Tail. This has allowed the formation of whole new businesses catering to the long tail such as Amazon.

The really interesting thing that Web 2.0 will do is lower the barrier to consumer entry, that is  we will be able to work with consumers in new and very different ways. This will allow the formation of  whole new businesses catering to working with the community with whole new business models.