A simple trick to make CMTrace even more handy

Part of why I enjoy my job is that working with new people and their different backgrounds and experiences often can lead (or force) me to look at things differently and learn something new in the process.  Recently I was doing some troubleshooting with a customer of mine and we were looking at logs, as is often done with ConfigMgr.  If you have ever looked at logs for SCCM you probably used CMTrace.  CMtrace is great for several reasons, one of which is that errors get highlighted in red, and warnings get highlighted in yellow.  It also has the ability to highlight on any word you are looking for, like a PC name or such.

Something that has always been a minor annoyance to me is that if you set to highlight a word it will be in yellow, the same as a warning would be.  It can occasionally be hard to differentiate the two when quickly scanning through a log.  When working with my customer I noticed they highlighted something and suddenly all our hits were highlighted... but in green.  Was it possible to change the highlight color?  16 years of working on this product and I had not realized that color change was an option but yes.. it is right there.  It is in the File menu, under preferences.  Such a nice and simple thing.

Thank you Mr. Customer (name withheld for privacy reasons) for adding to my knowledge. if we all help each other to learn and grow the world will be a better place.