All Requested Software Updates

Something that I recently learned from a colleague of mine was how to create a search folder in SCCM to show all the software updates required by client machines.  It is non-intuitive, but in my testing it does seem to work.

Under Software Updates –> Update Repository –> Search Folders you should create a new search folder.  For the Criteria choose “required” and for search text type 1 and hit add, then 2 and hit add, 3 and it add, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  For search options select to search all folders under this feature.  Give it a name and save it.

This doesn’t make sense to me but, as an example, by adding a 7 then any number starting with a 7 will be picked up (7, 70, 700, 723, 72, etc).  Since you add each digit all numbers will complete the query and all results will show up for each patch.