Applying for job at MS

Some folks from Poland have asked me about recruitment process and applying for Microsoft. I’ll post it in English because

  •  other people can use those information
  •   you must know English to apply (and to be successful Software Engineer at all)

I can tell only about after college recruitment, because this is the one I took part in. There are two ways. You can check career site for the first one. The second (and probably easier) is (and this was my path) to be recommended by somebody who is already taking part in the recruitment process. If you study on Poznan University of Technology it shouldn’t be big problem (there are always a few people who have won international competitions :) When you invited for interview, remember that what really matters is how you think. I was Java acolyte and didn’t have idea about any C++/.net features and libraries (except what I read on Java forums ;)). Only some basic knowledge of C is required.

Good luck