This Week At Microsoft - Great Financial News, Kinect, Cloud and More.

It has been a busy week for Microsoft, but quiet here on the blog – that’s because it has also been Microsoft’s annual sales and marketing meeting, MGX, in Atlanta.  Nevertheless there has been plenty of interesting news. The headline is Microsoft’s earnings announcement, beating estimates and setting revenue records. The media also responded positively to the news.

Microsoft also followed up the unveiling of its innovative, controller-less game system for Xbox 360, by finalizing pricing and adding a new, lower-cost version of the console itself.

Microsoft’s cloud services platforms continue to get stronger and stronger  - an example of this is the partnership with ePals to deliver Live@edu services to New York City public schools.

In other news, Microsoft Security Essentials was released to US users in beta and outside Microsoft the press started to take note of Windows Phone 7.

Finally, for the Twitter fans among you, Engadget published a great list of Twitter resources about Microsoft.


Have a great weekend!

Posted by Owen Linderholm