Licensing and Packaging Improvements for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Since Business Ready Licensing (BRL) was introduced two years ago, we have continuously evaluated our pricing model. We have analyzed your feedback and found that with some adjustments, it is possible to improve and strengthen our Business Essential Edition (BE). Through extensive feedback from the channel and market, we found that it is time to adjust the BE edition in order to:

- Create a more competitive offering for BE in its target market

- Make a clearer licensing model by fine-tuning the existing BE edition and streamlining the model for licensing access to any version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV


A More Competitive Offering

We have received strong and consistent feedback requesting additional functionality for the BE edition. We listened to you, gathered your feedback, analyzed it and have implemented key changes which will release on December 1st. The result is a new structure that will influence all customers and all partners worldwide and continue to support product strategy, while at the same time, giving target customers even more value.


The following changes will be made to the BE edition:

- Six functionality granules representing a substantial value increase will be added to the BE packaging

- The Jobs and Commerce Gateway granules will become available a la carte on a permanent basis

- Three new user access granules

- Forms and Codeunits reduced in the package but still be available a la carte


The six added functionality granules:

1. Adding granule 5300 Fixed assets reclassification: Transfer, split up or reclassify a fixed asset or a part of a fixed asset.

2. Adding granule 5290 fixed assets allocations: Use keys to allocate by quantity, amount or different percentages of fixed asset transactions.

3. Adding granule 3350 Sales Return Order Management: Create a sales return order, to compensate a customer for wrong or damaged items.

4. Adding granule 3570 Purchase Return Order Management: Create a purchase return order to compensate your own company for wrong or damaged items.

5. Adding granule 4110 Item Substitution: Link items with the same or similar characteristics.

6. Adding granule 4130 Nonstock items: Offer items that are not part of your inventory but that you can order from the vendor or manufacturer.


The six granules will be included in the BE package December 1st, 2008 and add substantial value to the BE offering making it a very competitive offering for new customers. What’s more, existing customers on the Business Ready Enhancement Plan just have to update their license to receive the added value.

The Jobs promotion will become permanent for BE customers, after January 1st, 2009 when the current Jobs promotion ends. The promotion has been a huge success and it has therefore been decided to make it permanent.

Commerce Gateway will become available a la carte as of December 1st, 2008.


The three new user types, Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server (DCO), Mobile CAL and External Connector, will be offered a la carte from December 1st replacing the current Web User which will subsequently be discontinued on January 1st, 2009. DCO and External Connector are new granules whereas Mobile CAL, which was previously only available for Advanced Management (AM) customers, will be available as a la carte to Business Essentials customers on December 1st, 2008. Note also that Mobile CAL will have a price adjustment January 1st, 2009, to align to pricing on other Microsoft Dynamics products.

Forms and Codeunits will be reduced from 100 of each object types to 10 of each object types making the solution less complex for the BE customer. This will only affect new customers. It will still be possible, to purchase additional application objects a la carte. This, in addition to the new functionality and user access granules, will make it easier for you to focus on selling and implementing rather than on redeveloping functionality.


A Clearer Model

The new model streamlines packaging and licensing. This will make it simpler to sell solutions and drive profitability. While the AM and BE editions will still offer enough flexibility to meet the needs of different target groups, the BE edition will now include the functionality that its target group has been demanding. Both editions offer clear value to their respective target markets.


The new model will also ensure that existing license terms are realized. Updated Software and License Terms (SLT) have been introduced to clarify user access and user license type. Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server (DCO) and the External Connector has been introduced to ensure we have a more clearly defined user access model. This change strengthens our license terms and enables customers to be licensed correctly.


More Competitive Offering Begins December 1st, 2008