Microsoft Dynamics Collaborative Contact Center Silverlight Demo

The Collaborative Contact Center demo illustrates our vision for the “Call Center of the Future” and shows how Microsoft Dynamics can be combined with other Microsoft technologies to deliver ‘Role-Tailored’ productivity improvements that optimize communications among information workers.

In the demo, we showcase two capabilities, powered by our extensible Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) foundation, that you could implement by customizing Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Office Communicator:

- Agent Communications Panel, a unified communications addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that recognizes the source of incoming phone calls and displays detailed customer information based on the caller’s ID.

- “Context Pane” for Microsoft Dynamics AX with Microsoft Office Communicator, which extends Microsoft Office Communicator by using it to display Microsoft Dynamics information based on the caller and their context, without going outside the Communicator client.

Link on Partnersource.