Microsoft OneNote Mobile for iPhone Extends the Office Experience

You never know when a brilliant idea will strike — it might be while waiting in line for a latté at Starbucks, sitting courtside at a basketball game, or while getting ready to board a plane!

Similar to OneNote on Windows Phone 7, OneNote Mobile for iPhone gives people the tools to quickly capture ideas, update lists and stay organized while on the go. For those of us who remember the Mead Trapper Keeper, OneNote is the much-improved modern day equivalent – it’s today’s digital notebook and filing system for everything from brilliant ideas to mundane tasks. All tidbits of information get backed up online and synced on Windows Live SkyDrive for access online, from a PC or on the phone. The OneNote app is free for a limited time, so get your copy on the iTunes App Store.

OneNote Mobile for iPhone is part of Office’s ongoing evolution to meet the mobile needs of the 750 million people worldwide who use Office every day to get things done. Read more about the mobile OneNote experience in this blog post by Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president for Microsoft Office.