Author news: Andrew Whitechapel article on “Mango” apps

Hello. Andrew Whitechapel, who is working on a book titled Windows Phone 7 Development Internals (Microsoft Press, 2012), has an article in the November 2011 issue of MSDN Magazine called “Building a ‘Mango’ App.” The article describes use of some of the new features in the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 release (released September 25, 2011).

Andrew’s article begins like this:

“Mango” is the internal code name for the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 release, and of course the name of a delicious tropical fruit. There are many ways you can use mangoes—for example, in pies, salads and a range of cocktails. The mango is also said to provide a number of health benefits, and it has an interesting cultural history. In this article, I’ll examine Mangolicious, a Windows Phone SDK 7.1 application about mangoes. The application provides a range of mango recipes, cocktails and facts, but the real purpose is to explore some of the big new features in the 7.1 release, specifically:

  • Local database and LINQ to SQL
  • Secondary tiles and deep linking
  • Silverlight/XNA integration