Design for cloud/hybrid identity

The public cloud is growing. More cloud providers are offering services. New services are being offered. And the capabilities of cloud services are ever expanding. This chapter from Exam Ref 70-398 Planning for and Managing Devices covers many Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) features and tools.

As an administrator, you need to be familiar with the different cloud offerings and know how to integrate them with your on-premises environment to create a seamless hybrid environment. In a hybrid environment, users might have an identity in your on-premises environment, an identity in your public cloud environment, or a single identity that enables them to authenticate across your on-premises environment and your public cloud environment.

The 70-398 exam focuses on planning and managing devices in an enterprise environment. But, today, most enterprise environments are using the cloud in some capacities and often are integrated closely with the cloud. Thus, you need to be comfortable in a cloud environment, especially a hybrid cloud environment. This chapter covers many Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) features and tools. Azure’s ongoing development includes portal enhancements, new features, and updated features. Thus, some of the technologies described in this chapter are currently in preview, which is an Azure mode that enables users to test-drive features before they become generally available and supported in a production environment.

Skills covered in this chapter:

  • Plan for Azure Active Directory identities
  • Design for Active Directory synchronization with Azure AD Connect

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