Windows Store App Labs for app builders

Greetings, developers. If you’re developing for the Windows Store, we want to point out a stellar resource you might not be aware of: Windows Store App Labs. These labs were introduced in October via the Windows 8 app developer blog:

Today we introduce Windows Store App Labs in more than 30 cities around the world for all app builders – developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Windows Store App Labs are places where you can access the newest Windows 8 devices, get technical help from Windows experts, and receive design guidance from leading edge designers and digital agencies. All for free!

Check out and test the newest Windows 8 devices

The labs are stocked with the latest Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors including Windows RT tablets like Microsoft Surface, Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones, and more. Come in and test your app on a variety of screen sizes, input methods, and architectures.


App Lab image

The App Labs have Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors for you to try out and test your apps on.


You can read the rest of the announcement here.