Calling all nurses: Microsoft wants to help share your story

Each week this blog strives to bring readers the most interesting news and opinions from the world of healthcare technology. But many of the most interesting healthcare stories still go untold. We routinely feature views from doctors, administrators and technology specialists. But what about the people who spend the most time with patients? What about the people who have the closest view of how the health sector is changing? What about nurses?

Today, 12 May, is International Nurses Day. Today we pay our respects to those who bravely tackle some of the most demanding tasks in healthcare. Today we remember those who embody the NHS’ 6Cs  – care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence – like no one else. Today we say ‘thank’ you to all nurses. But we also want to ask you for one more thing: Your voice.

Microsoft is launching a new blog specifically about nursing issues and we’d love for you to be a part of it. If you’re a nurse with a story to tell or a perspective to share around how technology is helping to improve patient care, we want to hear it. Together we can shed a little light on one of the most important untold stories in all of healthcare: Yours.

If you’re interested in contributing to the new Nurses in Health blog check out the Nurses Blog Contributor form. We can’t wait to read all that you have to say.