Civil Service Live 2014 – Learn to fight “Infobesity” and reimagine your organisation with Dave Coplin


The numbers don’t lie. Workers are positively drowning in data. But at the same time, they’re starved for information. How is that even possible? At Civil Service Live 2014, Microsoft Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin (@dcoplin) will exploring our relationship with information – and how we can learn to love the digital deluge instead of fearing it.  

The problem isn’t the amount of data available to us, says Coplin. It’s not the technology we use to consume all that data either. The problem is us. We’ve developed bad habits, as individuals and as organisations, which keep us from making the most of the information at our fingertips.  Fortunately, help is on the way. 

As the author of Business Reimagined and Rise of the Humans, Coplin knows a thing or two about the troubles facing the modern worker. Whether it’s the tyranny of open plan offices or the drudgery of endless streams of e-mail, Coplin has a knack for pointing out where the modern office has gone off the rails – and for finding ways we can all get back on track. At Civil Service Live London, Coplin will explore how the rapidly rising volume of information is affecting all aspects of our lives. He'll look at how civil servants can build portfolio careers that focus on personal reponsibility. He will look at the problems we face, the mistakes and assumptions we make and how we could be using technology to reimagine how we live, work and do business. 

In his session, Coplin will cover such topics as: 

  • The ways the modern office is holding workers back 

  • The causes of “Infobesity” 

  • The true meaning of “serendipity” 

  • The skills civil servants will need to be valued an important in the years to come. 

  • How organisations can remove barriers and empower transformational workers 

  • And more! 

Come hear Dave Coplin deliver his unique vision for the future of work at Civil Service Live London at 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday 15th July at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the Microsoft stand and learn more about how modern civil servants can get more done each day.  

Learn more about the event and e-mail if you’d like to arrange a meeting. See you there!