Joseph Sirosh's Keynote on 1 Million Predictions Per Second

We ar092316_0530_Predictions1e thrilled to announce Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Data Group at Microsoft will be presenting a demo at Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit on using online transaction processing (OLTP) database in SQL Server 2016 and latest algorithms in R service to predict a million events per second.

As the number of transactions per second (TPS) increases, so does the number of predictions per second (PPS) that organizations need to make. Financial industries often times process large amount of prediction on credit card fraudulent and loan repaid data that require powerful platform combining OLTP database with a high-speed prediction engine.

Joseph will demo using SQL Server 2016 and predictive model using R with auto loan data to process 1,250,000 predictions per second and fraud detection model on retail transactions at a rate of 700,000 predictions per second.

If you are at Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit, which kicks off on Monday, September 26th, in Atlanta, don’t miss Joseph’s exciting keynote.

Register for the summit by following this link and also join us on Twitter at #MSDataScienceSummit.