Microsoft YouthSpark Sponsors New ‘Boot Camp’ for Imagine Cup Winner

By Kari Sherrodd, senior manager, Citizenship and Public Affairs

Today Microsoft is announcing new prizes and opportunities available through the annual Imagine Cup competition. The top team from each category – Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship – will win not only prize money, but also a life-changing experience that will give students the chance to take real steps toward making their dreams a reality.

As part of the YouthSpark initiative, we will bring the winning team in the World Citizenship category to Microsoft global headquarters for a week of sessions curated specifically for the team and their project. With consultation and mentoring from Microsoft engineers, business development professionals, and marketers, the YouthSpark Boot Camp will give this team of students the guidance and insight they need to move their social-good project forward.

To learn more, please visit the Imagine Cup Blog.