#ThanksTeach Celebrates Microsoft’s Support of Teachers

At Microsoft, we believe that education can change the world. We recognize that teachers play a direct role in education and influencing the lives of students. Each year, millions of teachers contribute to the learning and development of students across the U.S. They instill life lessons that live on well after education is complete.  Teachers have the ability to build communities. I know...I’ve seen it happen.

As a celebration of Microsoft’s commitment and support of teachers, and in honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, our employees are saying #ThanksTeach. Thank you to our teachers who dedicated their lives to the future of students. I have several throughout my education who I’m thinking of this week.

If you haven’t visited our new Partners in Learning Facebook page, now is good time! This week, it’s been transformed to a place where Microsoft employees and others are sharing messages about teachers that have positively impacted their life. We are also tweeting these messages from @MicrosoftPIL. I encourage you to take a minute and mention a teacher that made a difference to you, your kids or your community. Don’t forget to use the #ThanksTeach hashtag so that we can see a running list of all of those important teacher contributions. 

We have over 8 million teachers participating in the Partners in Learning Network, reaching 190 million students. Talk about an impact they make on a daily basis. I say, #ThanksTeach to them!

Although we’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Month, it is always a good time to recognize and appreciate teachers every day of the year. It is their encouragement and passion that makes a difference in the lives of students. I have a team of people that work closely with educators around the world. Check out the video below to see our #ThanksTeach moment.

PS. If you’re a U.S. teacher or know a great one...applications for the U.S. Innovative Education Forum are due May 15. Application linked here. The global finals will be held in Washington, D.C., in November. Stay tuned for additional information in the coming months.