Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I know you have all been waiting (some more patiently than others!) for information on where to access the recorded training sessions and where to download the CRM Accelerators.  A central repository has been established on PartnerSource for the most current information on the CRM Accelerators.

Here is the link on PartnerSource:

Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As those of you who attempted to attend some of the sessions know, there were some audio challenges that have made it necessary to re-record some of the training sessions.  As such, these new recordings, along with easy to consume videos, will be available the week of October 27th for download.

The Accelerators will also be posted to CodePlex as they are released.  As of this writing, two accelerators are currently available:

  1. CRM Notifications
  2. Extended Sales Forecasting

Others, along with marketing materials and technical FAQ's will be coming soon so check back often!